The Magic of Maitencillo, Chile

A rough patch in Santiago had us needing a getaway from our getaway. Luckily, it came in the form of an offer to stay at a family friend’s beach house on Chile’s central coast.

Maitencillo, the narrowest and longest seaside resort in Chile, is a special little place. Its many beaches and natural-water pools run alongside an ocean road that’s right at sea-level. The road extends past summer cottages, fish markets, surf shops and charming restaurants, all with incredible ocean views. Located just two hours from Santiago by car or bus, it’s the perfect spot to unwind outside the capital city.

Our friend, an American living in Santiago, likened Maitencillo to Santa Cruz, California: idyllic but approachable, with a bit of bohemian spirit. He was absolutely right.

Because we visited the weekend after tourist season ended, the resort was deserted. In fact, we couldn’t even find a cab – we relied on the kindness of an English-speaking stranger who picked us up and helped us find the bus stop (which was also closed).

However, we could think of worse places in the world to become stranded – and we eventually made our way out.


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